Following the admissions process, we meet with each new student and their family to evaluate the student’s needs and, if applicable, review their Individual Education Program (IEP) to determine the best placement for each student. 

Our Day School Program

Our students are grouped according to grade level, behavior, and ability, ensuring that they are learning alongside peers in a supportive environment. We have both a middle school and high school program. We are uniquely equipped to support both general education and special education students in the same program, and we assess each student and determine the appropriate classroom for each student. Our program is trauma-informed, helping maintain a calm and safe environment for academic and personal growth. We meet our students at their level, ensuring that they are comfortable and can communicate appropriately so that learning comes more easily and effectively.   

We prepare students for their futures, understanding that our students need more than what a traditional school can provide. We ensure that everything we do is educational, functional, and practical, providing our students with the tools they need to excel at The Jefferson School and when they return to their homes and communities.

Our high school students are provided with a range of electives from which to choose. Knowing that some of our students need vocational and career readiness skills, our electives include woodworking, horticulture, business and technology classes, and Spanish language classes. Our woodworking class is taught in a fully-functional wood shop, while horticulture students have dedicated access to a greenhouse and outside garden. These programs allow our students hands-on, practical experience, and students can create projects for which they can feel proud, fostering a sense of accomplishment that builds self-esteem while also helping them connect to our program. 

Supportive Environment

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, and The Jefferson School uses a trauma-informed approach. We believe that all of our students deserve an environment with clear expectations and open communication. We want our students to understand what their role is, as well as the role of our team, and we want to provide them as much opportunity to succeed as possible. One way we do that is through our Alternative Learning Placement (ALP) classrooms. Although our classes are small, school can still be overwhelming for some. Any time our students feel they need a break, they can seamlessly work quietly in an ALP room that is staffed by a teacher without missing class or feeling as if they are not meeting their goals. We also have calming rooms, sensory rooms, and other opportunities for our students to address emotional and behavioral needs. We use a PBIS-like system of incentives that encourages our students to engage appropriately, and to continuously focus on positive behaviors.      

Extracurricular Activities and Athletics

We are the Falcons! Like any traditional school, The Jefferson School believes that athletics are an important part of a school program, as they build teamwork, responsibility, leadership, and work ethic. Our students have the opportunity to play on our successful softball, basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading teams, and frequently compete against other non-public schools; our Falcon mascot is even present at all of our home games! Additionally, as part of our incentive program, we have an intramural program. Extracurricular activities include more than sports, as we offer our woodworking and horticulture activities as well. We also have a ropes course on our campus which we use for team building and leadership skill training. When not engaged in these activities, our students can be found on the hiking trails throughout our campus, or participating in the many special events held throughout the year including the Poetry Slam, Prom, Halloween Dance, or the Lip Syncing competition. We even offer an after-school intramural sports league for residential students.