Therapeutic Services

When students come to The Jefferson School, they may be struggling at home and school, and they often need extra support and services. Each student receives a psychiatric assessment at our school, and we provide on-site medication management. We have seen success creating an atmosphere in which our students are given tools to improve coping skills, communication skills, navigate interpersonal relationships, and effectively problem-solve. In addition to the traditional individual and group psychotherapy that our students receive, our program utilizes a variety of methods to keep therapeutic supports appropriate and engaging, including dialectical behavioral therapy and equine-assisted therapy. Having multiple layers of supports and services allows our students numerous opportunities to grow, even if traditional therapy has not been successful. We also use our theater and media program as therapeutic outlets for our students, incorporating dramatic arts as an outlet for our students. Through our programs, our students learn effective behavior management, team building, social, and leadership skills. 

Our therapeutic program allows our students healthy ways to express their emotions at The Jefferson School, and they bring these skills with them when they leave us and return to the community. We continuously enable and encourage our students to begin to understand their behavior and make positive choices. Our students also receive occupational therapy and speech therapy as set forth in their IEPs.


With the student-centric support they receive while at The Jefferson School, our students reach goals that they may never have been able to achieve before. We work with our students to promote independence and learning, and most of our students stay with The Jefferson School for an average stay of 11 months, although each student is unique and the length of stay varies depending on need, ability to adapt to the program, and each student’s goals. We encourage parent participation at The Jefferson School, and hold regular IEP and family meetings to determine if our facility continues to be the appropriate environment for each of our students.    

For those students who graduate and receive their Diploma or Certificate of Completion, we work closely with each student and family to provide services and resources that make the transition to adulthood and independence smoother. We connect our families with information and agencies providing job placement services, housing options, and more. 

Related Services

We provide the following related services: